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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yamina Gold?

Hi! I’m Ian and I love to make videos. Yamina Gold is the name I make videos under. The name itself is loosely derived from the name of a flower but also means ‘blessed’ or ‘proper’. I like to think it is a beautiful name (I hope you do too) and that my work reflects this.

Why are you different?

I love vibrant, engaging videos. I really believe it is the best format (particularly for wedding videos) for capturing the feeling or vibe of an event, idea, person or product. And to me, that is the most exciting aspect of videography, editing and producing; capturing the essence of something. Your wedding day is over so fast, my videos give you an opportunity to not only relive your day, but also see the bits that you missed, remember who was there and share with people who couldn’t come (and also those that did).

What does your service include?

It includes a 4-5 minute wedding video, beautifully shot and edited (like those I have on my Facebook, website and Vimeo). I also record the whole ceremony and / or the speeches (with audio) and provide it to you in separate files for each. Please contact me for my standard price, I always respond as quickly as I can.

How does payment work?

I require a 30 percent non-refundable deposit* upon booking, another 50 percent will be invoiced a calendar month before the wedding and the remaining 20 percent will be invoiced in the week leading up to the big day. If payment or cost is an issue for you, I also have 12 month payment plan options, please contact me for more information.

Where are you based / do you charge travel?

I am based at Gravelly Beach in the Tamar Valley (Launceston area). I work all over Tasmania. I only need to cover my travel costs if I’m getting on a plane or ferry. For anywhere easily accessible by car within Tasmania, I don’t charge for travel.

How long are you there on the day / how many shooters come?

I come for the whole day. I love capturing the details of the morning, the setup and all the preparations. I also love to see everybody get up and dance at the end of the night! My approach is to capture as much of the day as I can. I generally work alone,  I find I produce my best work flying solo. It also helps me to work well with the photographer.

How do you select the music?

I use appropriately licensed music. I have a few solid sources, but it is a constant search to find great stuff. You can rest assured that I will find the perfect track for your video whether that is joyful, contemporary, sentimental or whatever captures the mood of your wedding day!

What kind of camera gear do you have?

I use the Sony a7iii and a7s which are fantastic full-frame 35mm cameras designed for videography. They are excellent in low-light conditions making it ideal for weddings. I spend most of the day on my gimbal stabilizer to ensure smooth footage. I also have a Sony 4K camcorder to assist me in recording the ceremony.

So I want to make a booking, what now?

Great, that’s awesome! Just make contact with me whichever way suits you (outlined next question) and we can start talking about your day.

How do I contact you?

There are a few ways. The fastest is via Facebook. Or via the contact page on this website. Or email me hello@yaminagold.com.au